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  • Conducts business in a way that benefits the community 
  • Employs well-qualified staff
  • Stays abreast of technology and advances in water supply and system management
  • Utilizes the most cost-effective methods protecting public health and welfare
  • Develops resources to efficiently operate and maintain facilities and infrastructure
  • Plans for future water needs
  • Provides management and technical support services upon request
  • Practices an effective level of customer service
  • Conducts a strong public information/education/involvement program
  • Maintains an effective intergovernmental communication channel
  • Meets publicly on a regular basis to receive input from the community
  • Holds forums for consumers concerned with local water quality and quantity

Timber Cove County Water District remains dedicated to the spirit of cooperation while nurturing a unified vision towards an improved quality of life within the community.

Mission Statement
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