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Bringing You Clean Water Since 1978

The 19th and 20th Century

Well water and the clear-running creek water were the mainstay of the Timber Cove settlers throughout the 19th and early 20th Century.  Often the well water was found to contain iron and manganese.

A Mutual Water Company was formed on January 31, 1978 to provide water to Timber Cove residents.  On August 1, 1984, this company transferred its rights to the Timber Cove County Water District, formed by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on April 24, 1984.  Among the transferred assets were wells on Cundall Court, Lyons Court, Signaigo Way, and Ruoff Drive.  The Timber Cove County Water District was established under the California Water Code §31000-31016.

The District issued two bonds in 1994 (1994A and 1994B) which included an existing bond issued around 1986.  The purpose of these bonds was to develop the distribution system.  Bond 1994A was for $1,128,828.76 and matured in 2009.  Bond 1994B was a California State loan for $437,164.32 and was retired in 2019. This bond also included a $400,000 California State grant.

The District purchased the site of its creek wells from Caltrans in 2015 and secured two permits to remove water from Timber Cove Creek.  The District provides water to approximately 270 customers and supports water flow to fire hydrants.  A Watershed Sanitary Survey conducted by Forsgren Associates was published December 2011.  A Distribution System Evaluation was performed by Brelje and Race Consulting Engineers in December 2011.

Timber Cove County Water District: FormationSonoma County Board of Supervisors: Lafco Certificate of CompletionCalifornia Water Code §31000-31016
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