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John Gray

Position: President
Term: December 5, 2025
Email Address:

We purchased our property in Timber Cove in 1999 and completed our home in 2003.

Prior to joining the Water District as Treasurer in 2020, I served 5 ½ years on the Timber Cove Homeowners association board as Treasurer.

I also previously served as Vice President of Government affairs for the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce prior to my company relocating me to the Pleasanton office in 1999.

I retired from a senior management position at Safeway in 2016 after 4 decades in leadership positions. My last position was district manager in the Northern California Division. 

My last territory ranged from Santa Rosa to Crescent city near the Oregon border. I had a staff that included an administrative assistant, multiple merchandising specialists, Human resources, and loss prevention professionals. 19 store directors reported directly to me with approximately 100 lower-level managers and over 2000 employees.

I enjoyed significant success in those positions prior to my retirement.

I have been married 45 years, have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

I am passionate about ethics and integrity, demand transparency and expect all who serve in a position of public service to adhere to the rule of law and refrain from any activities using that position for personal gain focusing only on what is best for the greater community they were elected to serve.

I feel fortunate to be serving with a group of professionals on our current board that share those values.